Here is how I create: I don't. My mind is a vast and dark sea hidden under miles of stone and clouded with silt, and sometimes a good idea will appear in the sludge like coins in the washing machine. Is it efficient? No. Is it fruitful? Also no. God help me. It's been a good year for this blog, and for me. I have money, an amount of adoring fans I can count on my fingers, and the vaguest outline of a setting to start beta-testing. Here's hoping that 2024 is even more productive than this year; there's a lot down the line for COLD SILVER HEAVENS , like a list of the strange and freakish people who call it home, and perhaps some classes if I feel so inclined. Hell, why not classes for other  settings? I've always wanted to make something for the Unfinished World , a setting which has driven me mad in pursuit of its many mysteries. The vast marble cathedral of the blogosphere is full of empty spots where I may chisel my name. Before the year ends, I shall give my read


 For  GLOGTOBER   GLOGVEMBER Challenge 3, by  Semiurge , a real sick fucking freak. His prompt: a list of or generator for cursed items that are more interesting than a -1 sword. I know you guys love lists, so here one is: 1. An amulet made from a pyrite cube with a hole drilled through the middle. The shady guy selling it in the alley claimed that it would "draw the magic right out of ye", and it does . While wearing it, gain +1 MD ; each time you roll a six while casting a spell, take six  damage as your brain microwaves itself to make more magic. If this kills you, your head catches fire from the inside, leaving it a burnt, hollowed-out wreck. If you poke some holes in your skull to help vent the heat from your brain, reduce the damage to three . Try not to get any infections and-slash-or brain damage in the process. 2. A mask of yellowed porcelain, with twine threaded through holes in the sides for fastening to a head. The features are vague, like a composite of everyon


 For  GLOGTOBER Challenge 2, created by the esteemed  Locheil Nothic's Eye . The prompt: A small, local God. Well, just small , in this case. What are you going to do, kill me? Special thanks to  Archon's Court  for his advice. Behold! Look upon the blade of the heavens; is it not the sword of the Thunder Over the Mountains itself, cast down in fire to kill our enemies in this time of strife? Did it not streak down from the sky, burning with such heat that it landed raw and unshaped, taking the form of a sword before our very eyes? It is a God in its own right, and a wrathful one, too- but in the darkest of days, there is NO LOVE BUT A SHARED HATRED . I AM THAT I AM. I AM THAT I WILL BE. I AM THAT I WAS CHOSEN TO BE. FALLING THROUGH STARS I LANDED IN THEIR WAITING EYES. NO LOVE BUT A SHARED HATRED is Its name. No man could ever wield It- not only because It is the size of a whale and hot enough to blister skin at ten paces, but because It is absolutely worthless as a weapon. O


 The Starry Firmament is not my only setting. I originally meant to have a world under it, though now I intend to have the Firmament as a sort of sub-setting you can plug into others, like Magical Industrial Revolution but not nearly as good. I call this new world of mine Cold Silver Heavens , a planet of men, djinn, giants, and more things to inhabit the world as I make them up. Here are the Gods, who look down on it all, and who are looked upon in return- except for  one who goes unseen . THE GODHEAD, THE PRIMEUMATON, THE HIGHEST HIGH.  The God. So vast and powerful, so all-encompassing that very few people worship it directly. To pray to it is like praying to everything at once. It is the world, it is the creator, it is the destroyer. You are part of it. Served by the Angels, beings of radiant silver fire that give off no heat or smoke. In its place, two aspects are worshiped: PROVIDENCE, THE CREATOR, THE GIFT-GIVER, THE DAWN KING, THE UNENDING, THE RELENTLESS  The God of creation,